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Technische kenmerken iTrike

Main dimension Vehicle length 1780mm
Vehicle height 1030mm
Track front 460mm
Vehicle width 730mm
Wheelbase 1250mm
Main performance Curb weight 99kg
Rated voltage 60V
Maximum Payload 160kg
Personnel quota 1person
Climbing ability ≥25%(Load 80KG)
The standard power consumption 2KWh/100km(20km/h)
Designed maximum speed First gear 25km/h Second gear 45km/h
Braking distance(dry land) ≤2m(20km/h) ≤3.5m(30km/h)
Braking distance(wet land) ≤3m(20km/h) ≤4m(30km/h)
Frame Front shock absorber Sleeve、Oil Damping Type
Rear shock absorber Sleeve、Oil Damping Type
Front tire Type 80/100-12×2
Rear tire Type 120/70-12
Front Brake Mode 160mm Rotor Double-piston Hydraulic Disk
Rear Brake Mode 190mm Rotor Double-piston Hydraulic Disk
Minimum Ground Clearance 130mm
Saddle height 750mm
Max angle of leaning ≤30°
Max angle of steering ≤34°
Two rounds of gap between maximum distance 183mm
Battery system Battery type 18650 Ternary Lithium Battery
Voltage 60V
Capacity 26AH
Standard charge current 4A
Maximum discharge current 45A
Standard charge time 6H~7H
Biggest continue voyage course 100KM(20km/h)
Power Capacity of Single Battery 2600mAh
Battery Weight 9KG
Charge and discharge of battery 600 times (80% capacity remain)
Ambient temperature range of battery use -20℃ to 60℃
Ambient temperature range of battery storage -20℃ to 60℃
Ambient temperature range of battery charging 0℃ to 45℃
Battery protection system Over discharge protection, short-circuit protection
temperature protection, overcharge protection
overcurrent protection, battery equalization protection
Power system Motor type Bosch
Motor controller Sine wave controller
Rated power and rotate speed of motor 1500W/550rpm
Maximum power and rotate speed of motor 2350W/500rpm
Maximum torque and rotate speed of motor 135N•m/87rpm
Maximum recoverable energy 10%~15%
Maximum current of controller 45A
Motor energy utilization rate 0,88
Others Headlamp LED、5W
USB charging port 5V、1A
Prijs 2.990 incl BTW