On July 8th, the 3th edition of Electric Night Ride took place in Paris, organised by Trui Hanoulle. After previous editions in Antwerp (Belgium) and Luzern (Switzerland) the organisation welcomed all e-riders and friends in Paris.

Jacques Verhaegen from
Greenmoves, Pat Kramp from TTL and Roby Zahler from Ecomobiel made the trip the day before to Paris with two Zero DSR Black Forest bikes. We arrived at the meeting point on Montmartre at 5 AM in the morning to find a fantastic mix of electric two-wheel vehicles (and one monowheel later joined by 2 electric skateboards).
Hereunder a video that was shot during the amazing morning ride through Paris with a group of more than 70 participants. The enr#1 Antwerp record was broken…

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